Sunday, November 02, 2008

Countdown to Obamageddon: 2 days to go

Wow, so here we are, less than 48 hours until the polls open, how are all of you doing? I've been better, very nervous, hoping these next 48 hours go by quickly. I've been kind of busy these past two days, so I haven't had time to watch any Obama speeches, I know you have all been waiting with breath that is bated. So, you can wait a little longer, while I tell you about what I have been doing with my time (I suppose you could just scroll down to the videos, but lets be honest you all love to read my boring commentary).

1. Canvassing! Yes that is right, my brother and I carpooled with two strangers to West Philadelphia (where I was born and raised on a playground where I spent most of my days) to canvas for Barack Obama. It was a really amazing day. It is rare to feel like you are really doing something that could help or make a difference, but I do think yesterday we got a few people to vote that might not have, and we got some people who will volunteer who wouldn't have, but mostly we talked with people we would never had a chance to meet, people whose experiences are very different than mind, but because of Barack Obama we all realize that there is more that unites us than divides us, sometimes we need someone to come along and remind us of that. I mean we met awesome people like Cynthia who pretty much insisted we come into her home and fed us delicious food and who discussed with us for her disdain for all things Mccain and Palin and why Obama is so important to elect or the 90 year old lady we met who talked about how she was the first black woman to vote in her precinct. I am so glad I went, it was a really terrific day, but still didn't make me any less nervous about the election, but I can tell you, Southwest Philly is in the bag for Obama!

2. Friends! So, friends are great and all, but can be kind of time consuming. I mean they always want to see you, and spend time with you and talk to you. And I mean I want to do the same things with them, except right before the election, when I kind of just want to be home watching Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow and checking the same 6 blogs for the hundredth time that day. But I am lucky that my friends have forced me to not only do this, since then I would probably be going even crazier than I already am.

3. Work. I used to blog at work, ah those were the days. Work has been really busy recently, I've had all these meetings, and stuff to do, I mean it is so rude, don't they realize we are so close to an important election and my mind should be focused on these things, rather than Tu B'Shevat.

4. Halloween! I am not really a fan of Halloween, but I am a fan of cute little kids dressed up in cute costumes, and so I tolerate Halloween for this. I may have almost stole a few children, but then I reminded myself that if I was a convicted felon I wouldn't be able to vote, and I love voting, so that would have made me sad.

Now, that you've gotten through that on to the videos. I am posting three to make up for the days that I didn't post any. The first isn't too long, but the second two are on the longer side. It is Sunday though, what else are you doing (besides watching football, and this makes a great companion piece)? I thought these three speeches would all go nicely together, so sit back and remember days that seem like yesterday, but also seem like three years ago.

South Carolina Victory Speech

MLK Day Speech

Philadelphia Race Speech

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Who says that? said...

Dearest Debra Stacy,
I am very proud of you! A) you didn't steal any little children (and if anyone knows how tempting it can be to steal kids, it's me) B) you managed to do work instead of blogging (and if anyone knows how tempting it can be to blog at work, it's me) and C) you went to west philly to canvas!


Keep up the good work! YES WE CAN!
B. Estelle