Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dylan McKay for Sainthood!

As I brought up in the earlier post I am on a mission to make people understand that Dylan McKay is not a bad boy, in fact he is probably the saintliest of all the 90210 boys (and year I am looking at you Brandon). Now, he does have some skeletons in the closet, but who doesn't. And eventually the series will explore his darker side, but based on the storyline where Jim Walsh decides that Dylan is absolutely by no means allowed to see his daughter, well it makes Jim look like an idiot (which is another mission I am on and will explore more in the future). Lets look at the evidence:

1. Brenda goes to live with Dylan and Dylan sleeps on the couch! Um, yeah exactly, he doesn't try to take advantage of a vulnerable Brenda who is fighting with her parents. What is more upstanding than that?

2. He doesn't approve of Brenda lying to her parents. In fact, several times he tries to convince her to stop going behind their back and be honest, he even offers to face the music with her because he is a stand up guy.

3. He helps Brenda make up with her parents! Yeah that's right, the same people who have told him he is a bad seed (well not Cindy because Cindy is awesome and smart, but Jim is a chauvinist pig who never listens to her). Okay, so I will come clean and say that he does have some selfish motives because Brenda is being annoying and driving him nuts, but still, he put up with her AND helps her go home!

4. I just want to reiterate the point from the previous post about how he lives alone, in his own house and NEVER has a party or like stays up late watching bad tv or really doing anything that a normal 17 year old would do. I mean that is responsibility. That is trustworthiness. That is the person I want my 17 year old dating!

Okay, that is what I got for now. But this is something that perplexes me that we are supposed to view Dylan as this dangerous bad boy. He is like the most upstanding person on the show. I get why Brenda is attracted to him though I mean her dad is constantly telling her she can't see him, that is dangerous - yeah that seems like a good way to get your daughter to stop dating someone.

Jim Walsh is an idiot!



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